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Our Approach
The Complete Toolbox
Konstantin Stanislavsky

Stanislavsky is widely regarded as the father of modern actor training. His techniques were adopted and adapted by The Group Theatre which gave rise to The Actors Studio in New York, The Meisner Technique and others. The key elements of Stanislavsky's approach revolve around the truthful recreation of human behaviour, actions, objectives and a truthful existence within the imaginative framework of the text. 

At The Actors Studio Australia we have incorporated elements of Meisner, Strasberg and Stanislavsky to create an approach focussed on teaching actors to work from a place of truth and authenticity. We incorporate improvisation, actions, objectives, repetition, responsiveness to the other actor, emotional techniques and various other components to arm actors with a comprehensive toolbox.


The Actors' Studio Australia was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to helping actors develop their craft based on the principles of truth and authenticity in performance. We pride ourselves on a 'no BS' approach. We believe acting training should be more than just glorified direction. We believe that it should be focused on breaking down the craft of acting into definable and teachable elements, skills and techniques, and training the actor to understand each tool intimately. Our acting courses in Sydney offer a groundbreaking approach harnessing techniques from master teachers such as Meisner, Strasberg, Stanislavsky, Chubbuck and more designed to build performers who bring, depth, honesty and a vivid sense of truth to their work. We unpack the craft of acting with unique clarity and arm the actor one tool at a time. Our approach aims to teach actors to work from the inside out; to work from a starting point of real feelings rather than false external expression; to fill their work with a vital element of truth; and to always be guided by the principle that emotional authenticity is the key to engaging an audience’s imagination.

Our acting school in Sydney caters for adults 18yrs+ only. 

The Meisner Technique
Sanford Meisner
Lee Strasberg

"Method" acting has become the common moniker for the teachings of Lee Strasberg and the much famed Actors Studio in New York. Strasberg taught an approach derived from Stanislavsky, incorporating actions, objectives, sense memory and emotion memory as the chief vehicles for recreating truthful human behaviour within the imaginative framework of the text.

Sanford Meisner adapted Stanislavsky's work and added his own elements creating a unique new process. The Meisner Technique utilises exercises building from repetition, focus on the other actor, doings and personalisation. The overarching principles are working from a place of truth under imagined circumstances and remaining in the moment with another actor. 

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