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"The classes I have taken at The Actors Studio Australia have been a revelation. CW has opened my eyes to a depth of knowledge I thought impossible. His understanding of the important theories: Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Meisner, Adler and others is comprehensive, and his insightful observations of the student's personality allows him to synthesise and modify their principles and practices, tailoring them to the individual. An acting class with CW is part performance, part psychoanalysis, as he helps you to discover your own limitations & shows you the tools to overcome them. His quest for truth is never ending & his knowledge & dedication to the craft infects every student."

Brendan Carmody - Director (UK)

"This course is an amazing, inspiring, confronting, transformational experience - it is the only course like it in Sydney - perhaps even Australia. CW is a professional with knowledge beyond his years. His complete understanding of the craft of acting and his clear vision about what makes a good actor great, are unsurpassed. This is supreme training."
Roanna Dempsey - Graduate of The Actors Studio Australia

"CW's knowledge of acting technique and the clarity with which he teaches it have revolutionised the way I approach my craft. I have finally discovered an acting course that strives to produce actors who react and respond truthfully; who work with complete honesty. Yay!"
Sonia Tomasetig - Actor

"I recently obtained a lead role in a feature film after preparing for my audition with CW. Learning how to incorporate the technical requirements of screen acting and auditioning has been the tremendous contribution of TAS to my work."
Luke Rex - Actor (US)

"I've learned more in 2 classes with CW than 2 whole days with [business name withheld] & I payed $800 for the other course - those bastards ripped me off!"
Megan O'Connell - Actor

"I had an audition for All Saints and the script gave me nothing. The choices I made in preparing at TAS made me stand out over thirty other guys. I've now done 4 episodes in a re-occurring role."
Gil Balfas -Actor 

"The process is all at once thrilling, terrifying, joyful, confronting and utterly addictive in the way that it opens you up to yourself. CW ruthlessly cuts away all the bullshit and wankerisms and gets down to what truly inspires people, that is, human beings actually connecting and affecting each other."

Richard Cornally - Graduate of The Actors Studio Australia


"For however long I live and manage to keep acting, that session [Emotion Intensive class] will forever be one of the highlights of my acting career. So my deep gratitude to you and the other wonderful participants for giving me an experience that will continue to resonate and pulse deeply within my acting soul."
Ian Swallow - Actor

"A magnificent actors facility... CW's knowledge of the craft and the industry is vast." 
Sam Bryant - Filmmaker

"CW's appraisal of scene work is both thorough and honest. He has a keen insight into areas that can be enhanced and strengthened."
Ellouise Rothwell - Actor - AFI Award Nominee


"I know every Wednesday & Saturday I am going to have an absolute ball, explore my imagination, learn more about myself and learn about affecting others. I have rediscovered my strength, joy, faith, passion and creativity. It is truly an all encompassing course and covers vast gamut of topics which are a "must know" for every ACTOR." 

Sai Gundewar - Actor (INDIA)

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