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Screen Acting Technique Classes - new format - Term 3, 2018

We are excited to announce a slightly amended format for our Screen Acting Technique Classes in Sydney for Term 3. Starting this term we will be placing equal balance on core technique building exercises and script work, meaning the class will offer a combination of exercises, dramatic improvisation and script work in front of the camera. It is essential to build core acting technique skills concurrently with developing scripted performance skills. One feeds the other.

Our acting course offers a groundbreaking approach harnessing techniques from master teachers such as Meisner, Strasberg, Stanislavsky, Chubbuck and more designed to build performers who bring, depth, honesty and a vivid sense of truth to their work. We unpack the craft of acting with unique clarity and arm the actor one tool at a time. Our approach aims to teach actors to work from the inside out; to work from a starting point of real feelings rather than false external expression; to fill their work with a vital element of truth; and to always be guided by the principle that emotional authenticity is the key to engaging an audience’s imagination.

Term 3 classes commence May 31st. Cost is $299 for 6 weeks.

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