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Drop-In Classes - Screen Acting Technique

Now that term 4 is underway, remember that for those who want to sample our screen acting technique class in Sydney or perhaps can't commit consistently to make it worth enrolling for a whole term, we have a drop-in class option which allows you to book and pay for a single class at a time.

Our groundbreaking approach harnesses techniques from master teachers including Meisner, Strasberg, Stanislavsky, Chubbuck and more to build performers who bring depth, honesty and a vivid sense of truth to their work. Our acting courses provide a balanced focus on core acting technique skills and on-camera scripted scene work. The class encompasses skill building exercises, dramatic improvisation and scripted scene work.

Our acting school in Sydney works out of Riley Street Studio, perfectly located in the heart of Surry Hills just a short walk from public transport. Classes are 6.30pm-10pm on Thursday evenings. Cost is $66 per class. Book now via our BOOK ONLINE page.

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